Saturday, December 2, 2006

Parodies Deflected

Conning Tower, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I just posted some recently developed photos from the mighty Brownie 620 (eBay, $1.99).

Parodies Deflected.

I was on such a roll after reading Frank that I thought I might do some more literary parodies. I had picked up Jorge Luis Borge's Ficciones the other day at the library and was enjoying his worlds enormously. He has enough literary tics that is seemed that a parody would be fairly simple. But the more I looked at his work, and the way he puts it together, it started to have the intricacy of a celtic knot and I realized that to do a worthy parody, I'd have to put in some work.

"Don't you dare touch Borges," the Professor wrote to me, in a letter dated March 6th, 1939. "Frank O'Hara is ridiculous, and so is his penis, but Borges is sacred" I had to agree. I hope I meet Borges in heaven.

PS thanks, M, for leaving some Borges on the futon

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