Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fat Camille Goes Kickboxing


The title is self-explanatory. Another masterpiece liberated by the clean drafting table. This one was started in Bear Town, while I was waiting for El Cab to finish some work.

Eleven didn't actually loan me a bra, but she did loan me a pair of padded bicycle shorts once. The appropriate nudity in the story has been censored, just in case, um, family members are enjoying this.


Nori said...

Another great comic. I've really enjoyed your comics and blog lately, especially your dream entries. Miss you and Eleven and our happy times at the beach in more pleasant weather.

eleven said...


I miss you too and look forward to the summer months.


Camille said...

summer will be here in a few months, and we shall all be in the water!

chiefbiscuit said...

Yes and I hope you have a better summer than we are (not) enjoying over here in the summerless 45th parallel. ;(

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