Friday, January 26, 2007

Fat Camille Goes Shopping

Fat Camille Goes Shopping

I just finished this last night, on my newly cleaned drafting table. I started it one afternoon, drinking coffee in Cafe Perg with El Cab. He was busy writing theology, so I bummed some notebook paper off him. It was a rare day when the cafe was staffed by quiet baristas, so I wasn't distracted by anything.


Anonymous said...

Allright! I Love Fat Camille! Will it be, posted, Online, or will it be available, for Purcase?

Camille said...

its online RIGHT NOW! Just click on the image. It will send you right there. And as this is America, it will be available for purchase at the APE or by mail soon, as the OmniCamille's FatBus or something like that.

oxysocks said...

i love you my camille! you look great in anything: cloth or paper! I have black 'n red striped knee socks - we should have them meet. ;)

Dan said...

who is "el cab" who writes theology? I would like to meet him.

Fritz said...

Hey, you've finally succumbed to the All American Way to Happiness! Congratulations! Whip out the plastic and spend your way to bliss.

eleven said...

Oh Camille,
I love and relate to your ever-fluctuating self image. The theology of Fat Camille speaks to my soul more than all the well-crafted sentences of more serious writers.

Long live the sandbags and lead shot!

Camille said...

thanks for all the kudos!

hey Fritz, I'll have you know that Camille did all her shopping in thirft stores.

Fritz said...

The Thrift Store is All Wrong. Retail or bust, baby!

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