Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Look, Toto, I can Right!

My mother called me the other day to say that she had rediscovered this blog while googling Frank M Vanderhoof (as the astute reader will recall, my father took home a bag of Frank's books as well). There was a rather long silence and then she added that she thought I was a good writer and that perhaps I could get some "writing jobs."

On a lark, I found myself scrolling through the writing listings on Craigslist. I quickly discovered that the people who need writers clearly have a need.

Check out this listing--

Full-time experienced Technical Editor/Collaborator for the West Coast’s number one Dedicated Server provider. Responsibilities include working closely with Product Management on new services and products to evangelize product FAQ’s, web design and customer experience.

It is one thing to mock the drunken male personals posters who can barely string a sentence together, but one would think that those advertising for professionals would try a tiny bit harder. Why is FAQ possessive? Why all the capitals? When I cull through personals replies, hypercapitalization is one of my biggest peeves. When the Germans do it, it is elegant and teutonic, but when English writers do it, they lack the appropriate black face font.

Staying 'umble

I was just taking a read down memory lane. I was trying to find some examples of the above-mentioned capitalization frenzy. I couldn't find what I was looking for, but I did find a lot of bad camille craigslist writing. I am in pain. Let me clarify that-- my ego is in pain. On the up-side, at least all of us bad craigslist writers are in good company.


chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence for my blog - it blew me away. I wish I'd had time to reciprocate. But didn't know about it in time.
Also have been reading your craiglist stuff - still not sure what a craiglist is - employment agency?
Anyway - good luck - I think your writing rocks - but you know that already dontcha?!

Fritz said...


    "who can barely sting a sentence together"

From the Jargon File: It's an amusing comment on human nature that spelling flames themselves often contain spelling errors.

Camille said...

hey fritz, I wasn't flaming anyone's spelling. but I do agree, human nature is amusing.

Fritz said...

I know it wasn't a flame, per se, but still...

Camille said...

hey Fritz,

I fixed my spelling, um, irregularity, now I can flame away! Ha Ha!

collywobbles said...

B told me about the first night of a class when he accidently signed up for-a grad class on ancient British warfare or something..... The teacher used multiple Latin expressions (and not just the usual "Carpe-diem-veni-vidi-vici") and everyone was very serious and intense. He confessed to me that in a fit of insecurity he took out the syllabus and circled in red all the teacher's grammatical/spelling errors. I loved him more for this, somehow.
When are you coming for dinner again, camille?

Fritz said...

My son's 6th Grade Math teacher has *atrocious* grammar and spelling. When I was in school, it seemed the math teachers were the most uptight about that sort of thing.

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