Monday, February 26, 2007

Looking for Gilles

But Only Finding Fred

I had a little time to spend at the library today in Muttonham and I decided to look for more information about Commedia. Naturally, I did a search and nothing much came up, nothing like the cool old Masks and Marionette book I found in Flip Flop. The only thing that piqued my interest was a cryptic entry. It was either by Nietsche or about him and was written or co-written by a person named Curtis or Cate. I would have just skipped it, except the chapter listings had interesting titles like "Three Naumburg Bards," "the Philoligist and the Canoneer" and "Very Black and Squid-Like." To make things even more exciting, its location was listed as "New Browsing," which sounded to me like a lovely park in New England.

Then I Made a Mistake

I went to the information desk and bugged the librarian who was very nice and helpful and directed me to the "New" shelves. I couldn't find it. Once I got the librarian involved, there was no going back, I had to see this thing to the end.


The librarian then directed me upstairs. She asked me to bring the book back, so they could update the records. She gave me a quest, and it no longer mattered that I didn't particularly care about Nietsche (I was really in it for the squids). I found it, but it was a biography. And a fat one, clearly no light train read.

Good-bye, Fred

I brought it back to the librarian, who promptly updated the records. I am not sure what to do with it now. I am thinking about leaving it on some table, to get reshelved.

I am going to go browse the "graphic novel" section.

PS, I found a nice picture of Gilles, from Watteau, but for whatever reason, I can't seem to link it here. I failed on that level, too.

PPS. After writing this, I couldn't leave poor Fred on the counter, so I checked him out. I had such a bad head-ache that day that I could only get through the first chapter, with one eye closed.

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