Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Hera Stats

I posted the "Hera" ad for a few hours this afternoon. Usually the CL community pulls my ads down, but this time, I did the pulling.

90 replies.

3 men either referenced the Greek myth or showed some knowledge thereof.

50% of the respondees were married already.

1 penis (and the woman's hand holding it was wearing a wedding band)

NB-- Hera and Zeus are married (or Jupiter and Juno, in Latin). The gimmick is that Zeus is constantly cheating and Hera is constantly angry and exacting revenge. My joke was that Hera was looking for her cheating Zeus who is married to her already-- an oxymoronic premise for a personal ad. Two of the respondees got that.

Apologies to the Sisterhood

What I regret was that many of the men thought I was looking for a man married to someone else already. Far from it, even in jest.

1 Flame

"i avoid these temptations- be gone you demon. cheat? go back to the darkness where your bretheren belong. just because you were jilted why do you try to bring another soul into the darkness with you? you should be cast down into the pit. have a nice day."


Anonymous said...

u r so cute! and smart!

chiefbiscuit said...

You kill me! That is so funny.You like to live dangerously don't you?! :)

Katherine said...

You crack me up. I just discovered that my neighbor, a young 20-something lawyer, does not know how to use craigslist. I thought she'd want to sell my bed after I move and make some cash but that freaked her out.

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