Saturday, April 28, 2007

Book Review


John B. said...

When you said "review," I had envisioned something different. But, I think this works well. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Your friend is right: The Road is the most upbeat thing I've read by him (I've read all the novels). That might give you an idea of just how bleak McCarthy's novelistic vision tends to run.

I'm not especially certain I want to serve as your motive for stealing a book, but far better I serve that function for The Road than for other any number of other books I could name.

Camille said...


Its ethically okay to steal books from teacher's lounges. I guess "borrow" would be a more accurate, but less exciting term. I was going to write more, but its already been reviewed (by you, among others) and as I am not a McCarthy scholar, there really isn't much I can add.

R. Sherman said...

Hi, Camille. Here from your comment on John's site. Enjoyed the minimalist critique.


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