Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You are it!

Links to the brave souls who took the Non-Book Meme Challenge!


Rosa part 1

Rosa, Part 2

Rosa Part 3

What thrills me is the amazing range of interpretation these women offer. I primarily focused on locations, where the boundaries between imagination and reality seemed the thinnest, which also seemed to be an underlying theme for the Chief. We all are inspired by the land (additionally, we are all coastal people... bum-bum-BUM, coincidence?! I think not!), as well.


Nori said...

I'm still thinking about this one. Your writing sets such a high standard. I guess I'll just have to answer in my simple left-brained style.

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks - verrrry interesting eh!? I am about to go read Rosa part two - can't wait!
(BTW I bet your climate is waaay different - warmer - than ours, even tho the landscape is familiar ... we're a lot closer to the Antarctic. Is it the salt-wind factor that creates the similarities? )

Nori said...

I just looked at Chief's kibbitz from the post below. I didn't mean to copy her, but I had read it previously and forgot what she said. Weird. Involuntary plagiarism.

Rosa said...

Camille-thanks for the invite! It's been so fun! And great to read into Chiefbiscuit's world. What a writer!

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