Sunday, June 3, 2007

Eyes Open

volvo2, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Spent the day yesterday with the Contessa and H looking at the open studios. One of our unplanned stops was at the 17th Street Junkyard, where I commandeered the Contessa's digi and joined H in her quest for "junkyard texture."

I haven't been taking very many photos for the last few months and I was actually twiddling with the idea of getting a digital camera. Instant gratification is very appealing. Now that I am looking at these soulless images, I decided not to junk the old boxes and SLRs yet. This was a nice camera to use, the lag was short and the images are almost completely lacking noise. I washed this through a few photoshop filters to give it a softer look. It still looks like its been CGIed.


Anonymous said...

But they're beautiful nonetheless. I loved that quanset hut. I'm ready to move into one, complete with the broken down Volvos.

Anonymous said...

Just incase you didn't know, that last comment was posted by H.

The Contessa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with the two of you, touring the studios and taking in some of the "local color" as it were.

C, let's make an iPhoto date soon. I just got back my first prints from the digi, and I'm rather pleased.

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