Saturday, June 23, 2007


myriorama, originally uploaded by camille94019.

One of the coolest things I have found so far on Swap-bot is directions on how to make myriorama cards.

That is all I can say right now. Its too sunny to write.


The sun has finally gone down and now I can sit in my darkened room and not feel like I am missing out on a perfect Flip Flop day. The above is my version of the "landscape" myriorama. The parameters for this were very narrow. The size, the template and even the colors were prescribed. I hadn't worked within such narrow confines since (gasp!) art school (although, since then, there have been plenty of perfectly lame illustration jobs I have turned down).

The Power is all Mine

The small size was delightful, too. I tend to work small, mostly because I have a small work area, but I am intrigued by the idea of tiny worlds. I had a moment of being god to a very flat, insignificant world. I get intimidated easily, and the calm waters and grassy knolls presented very safe vistas for controlled, miniature frolicking. One of the reasons I have slacked off on the Submarine comic is that the world was getting so complicated and there were so many characters (five, but that is a lot of permutations!). Of course, any excuse is lame (especially now that I am looking at it in stark courier).


jessica said...

do you watch futurama ever? bender became god to a very tiny world that grew on his chestplate and triggered the industrial revolution in a rural idyll by asking for a drink. that's not really what i set out to say. what i intended to say is that those are really lovely. i somehow missed the perescope until i looked at it full size. completely sweet, that.

chiefbiscuit said...

You have created a veritable lilluputian landscape of perfectly muted proportions Camille. Fascinating.
I'm glad flip-flop is showing its sunny side. It's cold and icy over here.

Anonymous said...

I love the unicorn and the gopher.

Camille said...


Anonymous said...

I just got your email about the bottlecap shrines on swapbot... I am drooling. You have found a way to touch my heart you dear, wonderful lady.

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