Thursday, June 7, 2007


Mr Eleven's beach scene, with film

I keep trying to find reasons to keep my panties bunched up over digital cameras. Maybe I just hate change.

I was talking to Mr Eleven last night and he had his new digi and he was taking pictures while Eleven and I chatted over chips and tacos. On our evening walk up The Mall to coffee, he showed me what he had been doing. "Doodling" he called it. Now that he was no longer constrained by the cost of film he could shoot as much as he wanted. He showed me pictures of the chip baskets that looked like sci-fi sets, the night lights of the streets and some masterfully composed beach scenes.

"You see too much [with digital]," was his terse critique.


But his pictures were fantastic.

NB I swear, when the man goes web, I'll post the link.


chiefbiscuit said...

I love your photos. Someone has to keep taking photos with film or something precious gets lost. (Like old typewriters, steam ttrains and bikes with bells ...)

Camille said...

ahhh, bikes with bells! that is a great idea!

John B. said...

What an intriguing picture. Thanks for posting it.

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