Saturday, July 21, 2007

Farewell, Little Git!

I am reducing my guitar collection by 1. The beloved steel-string Samick is looking for a new home.

PS Once again CL came through for me. The Mighty Samick was purchased by a homeless mother of two small children (+ a dog) who is planning on touring and she needed a knock-around guitar. She paid me more than I asked. There was actually a bidding war between her and a dude named "Travis". I was surprised.

Good-bye, Samick, have fun on your adventures! I bought it when I was living in Redding, 9 years ago. I was taking guitar lessons at the local JC. It was the first instrument I purchased. The tone was so beautiful when I tried it out that I wept. I stopped playing it after I moved from Capitola, then I lost my calluses (talk about weeping for music!) and I got the super-easy playing classical guitar and blah blah blah.

PPS I actually bought the Samick for my sister. She wanted something to use when she led her students in song (even then, she knew she was going to teach kindergarten). She was afraid to pick it out by herself, so she sent me with $100 bucks to get one for her. I brought back the Samick, after spending $200. She was so horrified by the price (actually, decent guitars start around $500) that she wanted her money back. I bought her out and kept it. She bought a really cheap guitar that was unplayable (even after my dad attacked it with the belt sander).

Purchasing instruments is very magical. I'd imagine its like buying a puppy. You are not just a consumer looking for a product, its more like you are shopping for a friend, seeking a give-and-take that is lacking from other buyables. Guitars seem to hum on their own. I never realized it until I changed out the strings for the first time. I pulled the old strings off and all of a sudden it was mute. I hadn't been aware of it making noise on its own, but without the strings, it was like its soul was gone-- like trying to find a spark of life in a shoe box. As soon as it was strung again, the imperceptible humming started again. Its is vaguely uncanny.


chiefbiscuit said...

It is a big move you are making. I am asking for travelling angels (no more nasty goblins) to speed you on your way to your new home.

a said...

i miss those guitar days of yore - drinking wine, strumming the blues strum, singing & playing (well, me trying to play & mouthing lyrics, you singing & playing). oh, the good ol' days - shan't they be no more?

your protege of old

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