Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Motivated Self Starter

The sense hit me hard today that my life is made up of the myriad little decisions I make in a day. I probably read this on a bumper sticker in Bear Town.

I had a few hours to kill before my next appointment this evening (dinner with the Swedes! I am so blessed) and I was nearly overwhelmed with the options. I could take a bicycle ride in the Baylands. I could spend money I don't have and get coffee and draw. I could go to the library to check CL (something I am obsessing about this month). Even the library had an almost overwhelming number of options. I thought that having no money would narrow it down, but it doesn't. The internet, the stacks-- these jewelled moments are like diamonds in my hand. Its a gorgeous day, even staring out the window would be a lovely thing to do.

I made a choice. I decided to look for more rooms on CL. Now I am blogging. How is this molding my life, I wonder? What kind of person will I be?

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful person as always.

El Cab

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