Monday, August 6, 2007

Homeless, will work for internet

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This is the first opportunity I have had to sit down and blog. Life as a homeless person is not all that bad. My parents have kindly taken me in and are feeding me three square meals a day (and snacks!). The only challenge is getting on the internet-- I need to find a job and after that is accomplished I am going to look for a place. I had no idea how not owning a laptop could be a real impediment to finding professional employment. I had thought I could go to libraries and bum of friends (thanks Caballero!), until my library card got rejected.

Ma'am, That Card Is Old

Yup, I drove the 7 miles into town to use the actual same library I used as a small tot, only to discover my vintage early 80s card just didn't cut it any more. The librarian said I'd have to reapply. I remember seeing her when I was a kid, how could she not remember me! I have had credit cards rejected before, but never a library card. I was so humiliated I nearly cried.

All of that to say...

This blog will generally be darkish until I get my adult details in order again. Until then, peace, joy and broadband!


H said...

Karen Bricker has been the librarian at the Muttonham library since before I knew how to read. I think the building would literally fall down if she left. She helped me use the periodical guide to literature years ago... I wonder if she recognizes me when I'm stapling up kid's art in the children's room...
I love libraries.

Franny said...

I say join me at the Los Altos Library.

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