Friday, September 7, 2007

Notes From Limbo

Main St

Many well-meaning people have been asking me what I am doing and where I live. To both questions, the answer is still unresolved.

The KB cleared out a second drawer in her vanity for me to put my clothes away in. The strange thing is, I am starting to get used to it. I feel like a large adolescent with a car and a few bills. I feel guilty when I am out past ten. I want to be home by five so I don't miss dinner. My mom washes my sheets. I have to ask my dad if I can borrow his computer.

The job search is going rather dismally. I have been putting off looking for a house because the various people who have wanted to get a place with me have had delays and I feel like a fool looking for a place without having anything to put in the "employer" line.

The Hamlet is beautiful, though. The morning mist clings to the cypresses. The sound of the waves breaking penetrates the windows at night. The mountain is as lovely as a prayer, even when you can't see the top. The KB is always up to somthing. I am half-afraid of getting to comfortable. I don't think that is going to happen though. I miss my old, grown-up life too much.


Only In Cambodia said...

Thankfully my intrusion on the maternal abode is tolerated. Maybe because I make sure dinner is ready when she walks through the door?

My solution, paint the room. Of course I'm upstairs and away from the rest of the house.

Rosa said...

I hear that touch of melancholia, Camille. Praying God's mighty blessings on your head!
(We haven't had one ounce of fun since you moved away, so you haven't missed anything.)

chiefbiscuit said...

I still think you must be in NZ - the pictures look so familiar - it's the raggedy trees, the houses and the power poles ...

Camille said...

NZ, CA... its the Universal Coast.

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