Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Alignments


That magical eye-in-the-sky celestial visitor make a celebrity appearance in our skies yesterday after a long absence. He bathed the town with warm, bright, light-- so intense that I had to squint. And while he is a famous California native, during this season he often migrates to the Southern Hemispheres, leaving us shivering in the cold, dark embrace of winter.

Dutch and I took the opportunity to hit North Beach. We called some friends and had a leisurely afternoon hitting cafes and bakeries. Before our friends arrived, we spent some time in Washington Square, basking in the light when we heard a familiar, wheezy, reedy sound.

Oh How I love Accordions

I grabbed Dutch's hand and we started a lurching waltz. Sadly, the song was in march time, so it degenerated into an improvised dance, which was further complicated when we realized that the accordionist had the rhythm of a epileptic monkey. That did not matter, it just allowed us to have even more freedom to creatively interpret the music.


We chatted with the accordionist and he said he was taking a collection for a metronome. We laughed. He told us he had been playing a march by Tchaikovsky. He struck up another song and Dutch and I piroutted in the last rays of the late- afternoon sun.

* this photo is one I found on flickr when I searched "accordion washington square" For the record, its not the Washinton Square that Dutch and I visited, but I thought it illustrated the vibe and the accordions nicely.

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