Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello Sketchbook

moleskine-1, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I had my first day at the job and I decided to celebrate by buying a new city-appropriate sketchbook at the local Hipster Supply store. I then hied to the closest Hipster Cafe and wore my most intense artster expressions while I drew this serious comrade. He was amazing. From his "bruce lee" headband, his carefully crafted three-day stubble and his military surplus backpack, he was pure che-ster agitation.


rosa said...

I think I saw him last week at the Perg- He was in the back speaking in low tones to a girl with a black hoodie, bike clips on her Chi Pants and a "No Enemies" sticker on her signature-collecting clipboard.

This morning at church I thought I saw you and my heart did a little Camille-leap.

Camille said...

Yeah! that was him!

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