Thursday, March 27, 2008

327 Day

Happy 327 day to everyone!

moulin rouge
red things!

327 is a day to run around on the beach, to do all those things you've been putting off, like going for a swim or making mail art. Its a day to spend with family and to eat lots of good food.

I don't remember my very first 327 day. I have heard the stories, though. Legend has it that I sneezed as soon as I made my entrance, and that I was a full two weeks early. My parents didn't have room in their trailer for a bassinet, so my first bed was a drawer. Fortunately, life goes on just fine without beds. I lived in the City for three months before I got a bed.

There have been many happy 327 days since then and hopefully, you local readers will be coming to the next one. :)


Poulet said...

Happy birthday! I had no idea that your first bed was a drawer. Interesting. Legal Counsel's first room was her parents' walk-in closet. From inauspicious beginnings spring some of my favorite people. :)

Have a great party! Sorry we won't be able to make it. If we find a chocolate liquer this weekend, we will raise it in your honor, recalling the fun times at the Red Room in years gone by.

H said...

Happy Birthday!! I will bring many bottles of fermented beverage for you and your guests to partake of this weekend! I am looking forward to leaving S'vale if just for a few hours.

rosa said...

when we first saw G on an ultra-sound, our technician person warned us about all the marketing to young parents: "Remember,"she said,"all you really need is a box and a boob and a towel and a diaper." Words to live by.
Happy Birthday! We'll see you on Mr. Eleven's birthday, but won't spend the night, as we have to zip back to ANOTHER birthday in SC on Sunday. Whew! March Birthday Madness!

chiefbiscuit said...

Happy Birthday ! Sorry it's late ... but I'm sure you had a fantastic 327. Thanks for the tip re dates btw - I can now look forward to my very own 625!

The Nikkster said...

Oh happy day! Any requests from Cambo-land?

The Molly said...

I love 327! I live in it!

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