Thursday, June 12, 2008

GOod morning husband

Yesterday was a crazy success! THings i am grateful for in no
particular order: the enthusiastic judge with the pierced nose, the
gilded baroque excess of the rotunda of the san francisco court house,
well-wishing friends and family, my organized mother, sisters- now i
have three, clean sheets at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, friends who
generously host parties, the friendly hostess at the Taiwan
Restaurant, dad's toast- even though he mentioned x-boyfriends- he
moved my new mother-in-law to tears, the hottest groom in the world,
the friendly staff at La Terrasse, pink peonies and lizianthas, pink
shoes, new grandparents, excedrin, and so much more that doesnt even
fit here. This was such a special day, i am so overwhelmed by all the
support and love. Thank you!


The Nikkster said...

CONGRATS! Wish I were to there to celebrate, too. A phone call is in order. Hugs and kisses galore!!!

Poulet said...

Yay for husbands! And the Mark Hopkins... fancy schmancy. Congratulations. It all sounded wonderful. Did Broe show up to butter up your car? When I am done dissertating, I will have to call you for more details. :)

angel said...

Congrats mon amie! Wow, you're all growed up now {sniffle}. I'm so happy for you ~
Much love to you both,
The Celestial One

Franny said...

Congrats !!!

rosa said...

Glad you did the deed.
Come to MH soon.
Stay upstairs.
Was it the court house or city hall?
Our love to the Mr.

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