Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Day of Being Unmarried

People Who Are Married, You Have My Deepest Respect

My wedding, so far, has been pretty straightforward. My family has rallied around me, taken me shopping, given me cash, and generally showered me with love and affection. I feel like I could write a book, Wedding Planning for those Who Have Nice Families and 1 Week. All of that said, I am still falling apart! I have one more week of school left and I am taking three days off this week, but this Tuesday and Friday are days I have to work. Then summer vacation starts next week.

I am losing track of all the things that are changing this month- my name, my legal status, my tax status, my home and address, my work status, my social status... and I really want my hair to change. I hope I have time to visit the salon today. We still have to get Dutch a ring.

Numbers, a Blessed Constant

Although, I can say with some confidence, that my phone number and social security number will stay the same. I am not holding my breath, though.

Champagne, In Four Easy Steps

1) I went to Costco yesterday because I had a free hour to get some champagne. I know nothing about it, so I bought three bottles of varying prices, hoping that at least one will be drinkable.

2) Wrangling with the Cosquinos. I don't recommend it, especially if your debit card looks like a credit card. And don't expect them to treat your $30 bottles of booze with any extra wrapping. I lost, of course. I gave them my money, and I took the bottles home in a cardboard tray.

3) Big Red vs Parking Structure. Although Big Red is an impressive metal object, the cinderblock Costco parking structure is a bit larger and heavier, and in the case of a collision, my money's on the parking structure. Sorry, Big Red.

4) After all this is done, consult with your catering-veteran roommate. vT recommended the Veuve. Naturally, I dismissed that bottle because it was so expensive. Silly me.


H said...

There's a Costco in SF? With a parking structure? I'm scared... those places are frightening enough out here in the flatlands.

H said...

AND, you will make it through today... tomorrow will be wonderful and the rest of your week will fly by. I'm glad your family is giving you so much support and love-- you deserve it!

The Nikkster said...

Nice families are a blessing. I'm not so sure mine could be as supportive with such a short notice. Today's the day to CELEBRATE!!!

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