Friday, July 18, 2008

On Idaho

I find myself this glorious sleepy Friday afternoon sitting on the
back porch in a little town in northern Idaho. I am falling in love.
The sky is such a piercing blue its painful to look at it and the
breeze is tickling the birch leaves so that they shimmer. We walked to
the lake and sunned ourselves on the rocks like fat, pale lizards. We
only have dial-up here, so I don't expect to write more until I return
to the city.


The Nikkster said...

Wow! What took you to potato-land? Sounds very romantic. I have a old high school friend who moved to Idaho shortly after graduation.

The Molly said...

Was it Dutch that took you to Idaho? Is he a boy from idaho?

How lovely. i'm glad you got out to the country-side

Camille said...

Hey Molly and Nikkster, the boy ain't from Idaho, but his best friend is.

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