Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your New Religion

As you may know, Goodreads is a nifty site where readers can post book reviews. As I have had some leisure time with internet, I have spent a little more time there.

Like every good thing, it has limits. For example, I just tried to write a review of Joey Sayer's Your New Religion, as a recovery from the sweet earnestness of Rilke. They didn't have a listing for it. Then I tried to "manually" add the title. Turns out that comics don't count unless they are an anthology or collection. Even worse, YNR is a mini-zine. I did find an entry for Teen Power, which I haven't read. Coincidentally, the entry for Teen Power was posted today. Did the Great Computer in the Sky somehow know I was looking for her?

If I was really perseverant, I'd look for a GoodZines site, but all I can find are yahoo groups and a page full of eZine listings. eZines, isn't that like, a nineties thing?

I am going to give up and go to the park.


franny said...

At work I see the graphic novel and comics review magazine all the time, but I can't remember what it's called because I don't do ordering. It's sort of like the Publishers Weekly for all things drawn. I'll try to find out tomorrow what it's called.

Camille said...

Are you speaking of the venerable "Comics Journal?"

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