Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chinese Cooking for Dummies Chinese Cooking for Dummies by Martin Yan

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When Dutch took me to Chinatown to pick up a wok, I noticed that the Wok Shop featured a whole shelf of Martin Yan cookbooks. I thought that they had those out just for the tourists. When I went to the library to research Asian cookbooks, after a few kitchen trials, the Yan recipes stood out by far. They usually require a reasonable number of ingredients and all the particularly Asian things I picked up for them I still use regularly. I am even a fan of fish sauce now. Its smells like armpits, but a little splash in a sauce or broth and voila, it has that j'ne'sais chinese qua.

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The Nikkster said...

Oddly enough, I remember my very German bedridden grandfather would watch "Yan Can Cook". I never recall him ever stepping foot in the kitchen to assist with the cooking.

I did hear stories of his rantings and fist-poundings at the dinner table when the meal wasn't ready at the prescribed time.

There was a chocolate pie incident where he managed to pound and flip it, pan and all, onto the wall above, where it stayed since my grandmother wasn't much of a cleaning freak. Nor was she much of a cook, for that matter either.

H said...

I love the Martin Yan phrases he has on his television show. His "Look at that," said every nanosecond after he does anything-- stirs the pot, chops something, throws something in the wok... Anything.

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