Thursday, August 14, 2008

The End of Summer

Dutch and Fresno, originally uploaded by camille94019.

The end of summer is drawing close. Soon I will join Dutch in the daily 925 thing. I will be less of a tourist in my own town. So far, the transition has been bumpy. I returned to Muttonham to teach the final week of summer camps and I already contracted a tonsil infection (I get them every fall, and it is a strange half-sore throat and is one of the Heralds of the Change of Seasons). I had forgotten that rule about washing one's hands all the time when one is in the presence of children. Next week I'll be busy with pre-teaching teacher meetings. One of the reasons I love teaching is the summers, but it seems that every year, they get shorter. I always wonder how that is possible, but last summer was nice and long (mostly because I was unemployed for a good part of the spring and a chunk of the fall).

Things I am looking forward to in Fall

1) Having a routine. I find having a routine requires less thinking, which always is a good thing.

2) The winter squashes start appearing in the grocery store. Yum Yum. Dutch and I just started subscribing to a CSA, and we ate nearly all the fruit out of it almost immediately. I think we are going to have to upgrade to a bigger box.

3) Meeting new students. I do actually like my students, and I am going to get at least a hundred new ones in a few weeks.

4) Marital Bliss. This will be our first fall as married people. I finally have someone to feed soup too.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the summers are too short, the school year too long, and the rewards of both, immeasurable. I agree with all three of your reasons to look forward to Fall--especially the winter squash part. Yum. Butternut squash is my personal favorite and acorn squash along with delicata come in a close second.
As for your fourth reason---ummm...married? WOW! Congratulations!!! That's what I get for being way out of touch with the world and living in my proverbial mason jar. I think I should lift the lid more often.

Camille said...

HEY Mason jar,

Butternut is one of my favorites as well. As are delicatas. They both are so sweet when over-roasted. Almost better than icecream.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not signing my name--somehow I hit click or whatever (I'm not blogger savvy all the time) before I got a chance to say it's your old friend KYLE (in the mason jar). You get lots of credit for my discovery of the awesome butternut squash.

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