Thursday, September 25, 2008

fun with powerpoint

"Dutch in Powerpoint"

Last year, I was able to recycle my predecessor's wonderful computer projects. This year, I have a bunch of repeat students, so I get to devise a whole new series of projects, which is something I am having fun with. In the course of my web travels, I found a site that is brimming with fun, geeky powerpoint stuff. I followed the tutorial for creating your own anime head and totally fell in love with the "curve tool" (which allows you to draw any sort of 60's style organimorph shapes). I was going to play tetris this evening for a second, and then it occured to my that it would be more fun to make a picture of Dutch.


H said...

EEEK! This is powerpoint? I had only thought it was useful for doing boring psych presentations.
No offense to the graphic, but Dutch looks better in person.

Camille said...

H! Banish those boring powerpoint presentations! Add your own graphics1 Add your own animations!

I know what you are saying about the Dutch-graphic-- I think I may have given him too many eye-lashes.

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