Saturday, September 20, 2008


I first started becoming a mug snob way back in Flip Flop. The communal kitchen was full of cast off and ill-matched mugs, but it did have a set of quiet little mugs that had an odd shape. And after drinking my teas in the supersized Starbucks mugs, (and finding the think lip to be uncommodious) I gradually started to prefer the odd ones. The odd mugs, on the other hand, had clearly been carefully designed with human anatomy in mind. The narrow, curved lips perfectly accommodated mine. Sadly, when I moved, I left them behind. They were only marked with the word "china" on the bottom, so finding them again would probably be a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack. Now that I have my own kitchen, I have started a mug-quest of sorts.


The Pater tells a story about going on a career field trip in high school (circa 1962) and visiting an engineering firm. He witnessed engineers busily drinking coffee (presumably in mugs), tipping back in their office chairs and generally giving off an aura of relaxation and good cheer. This was a pivotal image and a few years later he was sitting in an office chair (with a pocket protector) with a mug of coffee (tho' the fact that he retired exactly on his 55th birthday testifies to the fact that his career was hardly full of relaxation and good cheer). When I left home to go to college (I was a science major, too) I liberated his two vintage engineering coffee mugs.


I have since then acquired a lot of boring old mugs and through purges and moves, I have let them go, keeping only his mugs. Now we find ourselves needing a few more mugs (just in case more than two people want to drink coffee at a time), so I turned to eBAY and casually started looking for more vintage Lockheed mugs (the old mugs have that nice narrow lip, too). Last week I had no success, but I did find this bizarre Fire King glass mug instead. Tho' searching ebay right now, I see another Lockheed mug. Must buy!

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