Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cruising the City Propositions.

For the last hour I have been pouring over the city propositions (the blue one).  They range from letters A all the way to V.  They range from the patently ridiculous (naming our sewage treatment plant after our outgoing president-- r) to the patently dangerous (cut funding for the abatement of prostitution-- K) the utterly mystifying (abolish PG and E, H).  They also run the gamut of tax increases for various things and laws that make landlords sad and tenants happy (sort of, but really, wouldn't it be better if everyone was happy?).  As a tenant, I'll vote for my contingency, but still, I may want to own property some day.  There is also an "affordable housing measure" which is really muddy.  Theoretically it sounds good, but if it makes more ghettos, then that doesn't improve anyone's quality of life.  Even when I was making less than 19K a year, I still didn't qualify for any subsidized housing.  Then there is U, which mandates that our congress representatives can't vote to prolong the war.  Since when can a city tell its reps how to vote with a law?  We didn't cover this when I was in US Goverment class.

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