Monday, November 3, 2008

EVening rain

I am sitting in Big Red right now somewhere in Golden Gate Park. The
rain has paused a moment and the sun is sneaking under the rain clouds
for a brief moment before setting. The sunset sent fingers of light
through the gloom

ed. note-- I couldn't finish this post because the tow truck finally arrived for Big Red.  As inconvenient as it was, BR decided to eat his own alternator in beautiful and peaceful Golden Gate Park.  I am grateful it was there, and not on a freeway, or busy, gridlocked 19th Ave, or far from home..  It gave me a chance to watch an entire rainy sunset, which was prettier than it sounded.  Especially as the dying light appeared rose pink through the tinted windows.


The Nikkster said...

Funny (in a tragic way) about the alternater. My sister's first Exploder [sp?] had the same thing happen. It was one of the early models, too. Tough luck BR. Get well soon!

Camille said...

The miracles continued. When the tow truck arrived, the rain mystically stopped. When we drove the entire mile to my house, we found a huge, open parking space in front of a church (no neighbor to directly annoy) just a few blocks away. When Dutch decided to pull out the old alternator, it was dry. When I hoofed the nine blocks to the Kragen's, they had the correct one in stock. On my way back to Dutch, the Russian Bakery was just about to close, but they let me in to buy piroshkis and rye bread for our sidewalk picnic. The following day, when Pater arrived to install the alt. it went in without a hitch. Yesterday, when I drove him to work, I didn't have a single problem.

M. L. Benedict said...

It's a faithful steed that knows to stop in a convenient place.

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