Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey Rosa, Look at This!

I was just browsing the Frankenart Mart site, looking for things to do tonight, and lo, they are having a Pocket Seed Library event. Times like this I wish this was either happening in Flip Flop, and I was there, or Flip Flop was here, because this is so absolutely Floppish I can't even begin to contain my glee. It seems to be combining libraries, gardening and little tiny envelopes-- what could be more cool?

And Rosa, If you want to bring your family up to my hood tonight to exchange little tiny seed envelopes, you are ALL welcome (we got the nice, low, springy fresh futon for you and your peeps).


H said...

Wow... I wish happenings like that occured here in Sunnyberg. Not sure what's happening here... people are probably going to watch traffic on Mathilda.

rosa said...

Gosh, I sure missed it! It does sound distinctly Flippy, what a great idea. I also love the Dahlia thing at the mall where the Dahlia society hands out free tubers. Next year? (I think that this spring I'm not going to be wanting to bend over to tend seeds in my cold frame anyway-the belly, she grows. And grows. Hey! I am my own cold-frame!)

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