Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things Facebook Meme

I spent way too much time cooking up random things about myself to just limit it to my facebook audience.

1) I am a sucker for peer pressure (just today a DOZEN people tagged me in their 25 random things notes).

2) I used to co-own an armadillo named Armando with Heather Morgan. But then she left me for a east coast-style red-headed steamed bread product with a hole-in-the-middle. No, no, I *really* am not bitter or anything.

3) I LOVE hyperbole. Like, SO much, that I must hyperbolize a HUNDRED times a day.

4) My mother is a prodigy of child-bearing-- I have one sister who is 17 months younger than me, and another sister who is 23 years younger than me.

5) I have a perverse attraction to frustrated philosophers.

6) Sometimes, in the distant past, I have been known to date more than one person at a time. (usually with bad bad consequence)

7) Ever since film went the way of the dodo, I have stopped taking pictures. I don't know why this is, but when I look at my old film photos (invariably on the computer) I marvel 1) at my own genius and 2) at why I need so completely the relationship with a particular camera and a particular, specific medium. Why can't I get jazzed about digital? Is it possible to get jazzed if I say, spend a whole lot of money for a really spiffy camera? But then I wonder, why spend money when a flipping box from 1932 does such a damn good job? Am I crazy nostalgic for a past that never existed? I really don't want to be a luddite. Really. I don't. I just want to be normal! I want to believe that technology is really a good thing, that its going to make a whole lot of people happier (especially those homeless men who tear up old computers with their teeth so they can sell the copper wires to buy crack).

8) You have all heard my great-uncle Jim Decker play the french horn, even if you have never heard his name, or don't even know what a french horn sounds like.

9) When I was 12 I asked every person I ran into if they were worried about the National Debt. People used to tease me about it. It kept me up at nights, for an entire year. It bothered me, just like the Japanese Internment bothered me. Who is laughing now?

10) Beethoven's Pathetique makes me cry. I heard somebody playing it in my dorm, in college, and I begged the sheet music off of him. I sat down and read it, and it was hyperreal, playing in my head. I dreamt once that God visited me in the Moonlight Sonata. It may be the most religious experience I have ever had.

11) I have given up reading porno on the bus (its really embarrassing turning red in the view of all those people) so I am currently reading a pseudo-philosophical anthology about the perverse relationship between Lacan and Hitchcock-- just as salacious, but oh so much more socially acceptable.

12) Dutch. (sigh) I am in love that man. His scratchy red beard. His 1000 books of philosophy. His adorable family. His little freckles. His three lower incisors. His ability to chew on his toes. His absolutely nutty and miraculous amour for me.

13) Heaven. I like fantasizing about the party that will be. I am hoping Borges will want to hang out with me.

14) I live in the basement of a pink house. I ride a bike called the "yellow monster." I drive a car called "big red." I live in a neighborhood called the Richmond, that is neither rich, nor moundy. Language is so inadequate.

15) I keep a blog (since 04, baby!) and this really is a big big blog entry (thanks, Katherine, for the original encouragement). And sometimes I would really like to write about something that doesn't have to do with me, but I can't think of anything right now.

16) I read cookbooks for fun. On the bus.

17) I like submarines. I have written ten comics set in a submarine. The gauges, the cramped spaces, the suggestive passageways, the little men with white hats all make my heart flutter.

18) I like doing exercise that doesn't put a load on my feet. I have genetically inferior, flat feet, that don't like bouncing around. Fortunately, I like biking and swimming.

19) I am at an impasses, fictionally speaking, with my character Fat Camille. Does she keep the dog, or lose the dog? Does she replace the scottie with a basset? Should I try and make the art a little more high-brow, or stick with the ol' tombow marker? Should her cervix flutter like a butterfly or zoom like a jet fighter?

20) When I was small, we lived in a double wide in the middle of the desert, out of sight of the neighbors. For fun, my dad would load us into the VW and we'd drive through the trackless dessert looking for abandoned stage coach stops. In my mind, the sky is always bigger than it appears to be. I am also wary of dark places that may harbor black widows.

21) My grandmother didn't want to be Mexican, and now, sometimes I wish I wasn't White. I think its hereditary (and arbitrary).

22) I am spending a lot of time writing this to give Dutch a chance to watch Dark Knight without me. I have lost my tolerance for cinematic violence ever since one of my coworkers told me about watching his family die after his village got bombed.

23) I wish Annie would write her "Up with People Manifesto" soon. Its becoming a standard by which I judge everything. Although Paul Virilio gets close with his "Art and Fear."

24) Sitting in trees with small children is one of the Joys of Life.

25) A tow truck driver once told me that the best thing to do was "slow down."


Kay said...

This reads like some amazing poem ... love it - like I love all you write!

H said...

I think I'm going to copy you... but I'm going to put 25 different random things on my blog.

Anonymous said...

And I had trouble coming up with 16 things for my flickr portrait tag....


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