Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dutch Cooks

Steamed Whole Broccoli with Mac and Cheese Surprise
Last night, while I was unraveling mysterious paintings and drawing in my 'book, Dutch cooked up a bona fide meal. This is a first in our marriage. He usually defers the cooking to me, because he says I do it better. He insisted I stay out of the kitchen while he was working, I was happy to hang out in the play room and draw. The meal was delicious, but I was a tad bit curious why the mac n' cheese was a little bit brown. It certainly wasn't made of whole wheat noodles, and the sauce was rich and creamy, with just a hint of blue cheese.
Dutch's Mac n' Cheese Surprise
2 boxes of mac n' cheese, follow the box instructions, substituting half n half for milk, and adding extra butter.
Once its made, add
1 T of molasses
1 T crumbled blue cheese
1/2 cup Government Cheese
and enough half n half to maintain a creamy consistency.
Serve warm (before it solidifies)


Anonymous said...

I feel my arteries hardening just from reading this recipe!

H said...

Yum. I love boxed macaroni and cheese. Long, long time ago I used to make something I called "chile mac", with cooked ground beef, onions, boxed macaroni and cheese, lots of cheese and salsa. The ex liked it, even if it had onions.

rosa said...

I'm curious to know what the molasses did for the dish (besides turn it brown...)
My mac & cheese love has not passed down to my child, sad to say. Consistency? I don't know.

dutch said...

It actually was a very thick spoonful of Lyle's treacle. So it wasn't nearly as sweet as one would expect. I gave it a nice earthy piqant.

I saw it staring out of me in the fridge as I was in my food frenzy. Figured it would either really destroy the meal (requiring a lot more doctoring up to be edible) or create something unexpectedly wonderful. Fourtunately it was the later.

Kay said...

So interesting and different.

H said...

I'm wondering what Dutch has cooked since then... pie? Meatloaf and mashed potatoes? Roasted chicken?

Camille said...

As of this writing, nothing. But i am sure he'll cook again soon.

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