Thursday, March 26, 2009

Car Haunting, Part 2

this is a continuation of the previous post, Ghost Cars, Real Tickets. -- ed.

Dutch finally got the refund garnishing company on the line yesterday. He didn't want to talk about it with me, but he implied that it had to do with Big White, Big Red's predecessor. Big White went AWOL a few years ago when Dutch was wandering around France. He left her parked in front of his house (full of philosophy books that are mourned to this day) in Bear Town. When he returned, she was gone. The Bear had her hostage, and was holding her for a steep ransom. The ransom amount exceeded her cash value. Dutch decided to do what any sensible person would do-- flee. He moved, and didn't leave a forwarding address, hoping that the city impound would be happy to forget about it also.

Sadly, we are having no such luck.


Anonymous said...

This is really funny. Nicely done, Dutch!

I once got a ticket for my first bug, after it had been in an accident, and I'd sold it for $100 to the local volskwagen repair shop. Presumably for parts. It was in an impound lot in LA having been found abandoned on the side of I5. I live in Santa Cruz and hadn't seen the car for well over a year. The local VW repair shop guy was mortified when I turned up with the ticket and a copy of the transfer of ownership paperwork, and he took care of the whole thing.


rosa said...

Was it Beetle J.?

H said...

cliffs... you're supposed to push the cars over cliffs.

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