Saturday, May 2, 2009


DUtch enters the *middle thirties* today. We celebrated by sleeping
in, eating small cakes and donuts with the Kneebiter, fancy Indian
food and going to a concert. I had been pestering him for a week about what he'd like to do, but he'd shrug and tell me that whatever I chose would be okay. Hopefully his trust is not misplaced.

--sent to blog via phone during Devil Makes Three concert last night.

The band last night is from Flip Flop (you know a band is from Flip Flop when they look like they could, with minimal adjustment, be a product from Jim Henson's Muppet Studio)

Uncanny, isn't it? Especially the guy with the beard. The opening act was a group from Portland, Hillstomp, they were even more Emmet Jugband with their cigar box guitar and a drum fashioned from an actual drum (break drum, that is, from a car). I love DIY stuff. Watching them made me want to go raid my dad's garage for possible musical instruments.

The crowds were superFlipFlop, too. There was a knot of girls by the Coat Check squeeling about how they had all gone to Cabrillo college, there were plenty of burnouts wearing tie-dye, and white people with amusing mohawks.


Kay said...

Happy Birthday to Dutchy - sounds like a happy, meaningful birthday celebration; the best sort.

H said...

Wow... your description is spot on. I had never even connected the two together, but Flip Flop is like Muppets come to life.

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