Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Shadow of Stalin

I was in the teacher's lounge this morning, and in the process of typical teacher-talk (how did you do on your latest-stupid-jump-through-the-expensive-pointless-hurdle-test) which eventually turned to the typical what-are-your-plans-for-the-summer conversation.  But talking to a former Soviet about plans is not always that simple.  He mentioned he had plans to go to the Bahamas, and then he started laughing.  He tried to clarify-- he did not have soviet plans to go to the Bahamas, he has real plans to go there.  I must have still looked a bit mystified, so he clarified more, this time with a joke.

Typical Soviet Plans

It is nighttime, and a Soviet husband and wife are lying in bed.  "We are going to do it two times," declares the husband.  The wife turns to him and says, "No!  We are going to do it THREE times!" Then they promptly turn out the light, roll over, and go to sleep.


H said...

Does this make me a Soviet?

Kay said...

Ha! I like that!

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