Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am stuck in the throes of May-in-the-school right now.  Test have been taken, papers filed, and most of the things that have had to happen to make this a school year are in the past.  Now we are in a soul-consuming doldrum, full of whiny students, irritated administrators, antsy parents and cranky teachers.  I don't know why the year just doesn't end right now.  I have been so busy I have hardly been able to spare a extra-curricular thought for anything.

Resolutions for Next Year

Never never will I agree to do the Yearbook alone.  I did have a chance to create a yearbook that looks suspiciously like some other zines I have produced in the past (in color, even) which made the whole process more bearable.  I even got it printed by those flirty men at the local Kinko's (nothing like a benign flirt at the end of a long and wretched day).  I am waiting for people to realize that I didn't get a picture of the whole faculty (including the after school folks and the paras).

Ich will German schpreckken.

ha ha.  Well, at least I am working on it.

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H said...

Kinko's man flirts are the best.

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