Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First day of summer

Yesterday was a flurry of meetings, packing, leave-taking, cell number-exchanging, dusting, labelling and turning in keys.  Today I couldn't even sleep in because the oldmanupstairs did his lung clearing act at the usual 6:45 time, and the piles of to dos were breathing heavily outside the door.

I got up, wrote them down and started to dutifully tick them off the list.  At least I did most of them, except the ones that require money after I discovered after I paid a few bills and balanced the check book, we don't have (not a bad thing, we'll take care of it later).  I got one telemarket call (we got our land line exactly a week ago, and put it on the do not call registry, but that doesn't seem to stop us from getting one or two a day) and one call from a good friend.  I had the luxury of talking to him for a long time (never would have happened had I been at work).  Cleaned the toilet, too (funny, I hadn't noticed that stale urine smell before).  

Its so strange how, in one 24 hour period I can go from harried to bored (I just read all the articles on this website about attachment parenting).  I shouldn't say bored.  There are a couple more to dos that don't require cash.

I used to be really good at dealing with unstructured time.

I think its time for a nap.


H said...

you are reading attachment parenting articles?? hmmmmmm....

Camille said...

don't read anything into it...

M. L. Benedict said...

I'm sure I went through this same thing at the end of every semester at Skyline, but especially at the end of spring semester. NOW what shall I do? The first thing is to take lots of Vitamin C, in case you've been postponing a cold until the end of school. After that, a nap seems like a wonderful idea. It takes a week to shift gears, and after that you can have a life again.

Camille said...

fabulous advice!

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