Monday, March 22, 2010

15 Days in the ICN (march 5 - 20)

I finally got to see LuLu the day after she was born.  The nurse helped me wheel my IV into the nursery.  I had to hold her elbow, and I had a hard time standing.  Because of the medication, I could barely open more than one eye at a time.  I hardly recognized the little person in my arms.  I remembered a perfect pink lady with a flapper's brilliantined waves covering her head (who was doing her hair in my womb?) and a rosebud mouth.  She now had a nose feeding tube glued to one cheek.  She had a tangle of wires and the most disurbing-- a giant IV in one hand that covered her whole fore arm with tape.  I couldn't even see her fingers.  Her foot was covered with tape to hold a lighted red LED.  I could watch her heart beating, her respiration, and her oxygen saturation on the monitor.  The nurse put her in my arms.    She was so tiny.  She just slept.  I was sleepy too.  One of the nurses caught me nodding off and suggested I go back to my room.  They had to call for help to get me back.


Anonymous said...

I read it!

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

It's so neat that you're writing all this down - in your inimitable style. You're a gifted writer - a gifted mother. Blessings.

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