Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh Fava Beans

I have always been intimidated by fava beans.  Any bean that you have to peel, let alone pod, just seemed like way too much work.  And for what!?  Just a bean.  Beans are great, but they aren't that great.  And that is if they are fresh.  Our farmer friends have been singing the praises of the fava for more years than I can count, but when they arrived in the box last week, circumstances conspired in favor of the fava.
Cheap Labor
Yup, the kneebiter's enthusiastic participation in the shuck-boil-peel job was indespensible.  (I can hardly wait til LuLu has enough dexterity).
Time on my hands
Even with help, I needed a good hour to kill.
Ooooh so good.
Once we were finally at the peeling stage, we tried them and wowee!  A wonderful cross between edamame, artichokes and with a hint of asparugus.  Even the green hating KB couldn't get enough.  She requested them for her special recital dinner.  I am already looking forward to next Spring and another crop of fresh fava beans.


Nori said...

Yum. Rory loves fava beans. I wish I had cheap labor to help though. Rory thinks he is helping, but mostly he just likes to dump the beans on the floor.

M. L. Benedict said...

The Greek recipe cooks them in the pods, with tomato sauce and onions.

Camille said...

Oooh! Do share! Do you eat the pods too?

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