Friday, July 2, 2010

1 handed blogging

I used to being able to write every day. It is no longer convenient to sit down in a computer for any length of time.  Suddenly my time is not my own.  This morning I am trying the verbal dictation option on my phone. It doesn't always work well.  I press the little microphone button and then I  speak.  But the words don't always come out right.  I am  nursing Lulu Right now.  We spent the morning singing itsy bitsy spider. While she naps, i read about baby sign language on the internet. During the last few weeks, she started laughing , cooing, and being awake for longer periods of time.  Last week she just started noticing her toys. She is so incredible to watch.  All I  want to do is to spend time with her.  These lazy summer mornings are so special.  I am so happy no one  expects me to do  much.  The things  we are accomplishing are not easily checked off a list.   We look at each other.  She seduces me.  We observe  each other.  We hold hands.  I tickle her feet.  She runs in place and flaps her arms.  She poops and farts.  She says ooo and aaah .  We have conversations.  She tells me stories.  We play charades.  I try to guess her narrative.  I say, "did the baby go to the store?"  She will say, "goop" and flap her arms.

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