Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Pleasure of the Opera

Last night Dutch and I left LuLu in the tender care of the KB while we went to the city to enjoy the opera.  Opera evenings tend to be frought with drama, and not just the action on the stage.  We are almost always late, even when we are on time.  Last night I decided I had had it with trying to arrive early enough to get dinner.  The opera happens to be in one of the few sections of the city that doesn't have a good restaurant on every corner, so travel time is yet another factor, and eating dinner at five makes for a very long evening.  So I decided to pack a picnic.  The opera is very picnic friendly-- no bag check, and plenty of tables in the mezzanine.  We left with enough time to enjoy our picnic and then when we were half way there I remembered that I had forgotten the tickets!  So we arrived minutes before curtain, when the opera train leaves...
We ended up enjoying our picnic during the intermission.  The show was gorgeous, we saw Madama Butterfly.  It was operatically painful to watch Butterfly waiting for the bastard sailor for three hours, it reminded me of times I have waited for the phone to ring.  I can imagine a libretto for a modern version-- "ring little cell phone, ring!"

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M. L. Benedict said...

I have a friend who says every time he sees Madama Butterfly he wants to shout "Keep the baby! Shoot Pinkerton!"

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