Thursday, December 2, 2010

Done with Nanowrimo!

I finished my 50k rough draft.  Now it is sitting on Dutch's harddrive like a snoring Grendel. I am now officially afraid of it. The working title, again, thank you Dutch, is "Monkeys Aren't the Only Ones Who Throw Their Poo, or The Record of My Calamity".  I am not sure I could wade through 90+ pages of my turgid purple prose, much less revise it. I downloaded the beta version of Scrivener for windows, to finish the clunky metaphore I started, I will think of it as my Boethius. Argh!  What a funny typo!  I meant to say "the name of that guy, that starts with a "b", who kills Grendel" not the name of the guy who wrote The Consolation of Philosophy.  Moving on...


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