Friday, May 20, 2011

The 1946 Joy of Cooking Hollandaise Recipe

I made a couple factual errors in my previous post.

1). I was not using the '75 edition, I was using the '46 one.

2). I wrongly assumed my recipe would be easy to find on the Joy of Cooking website.

I found a modified version of Irma's "Never Fail" on the JoC website, but no mention of the "easy" one.  So here it is, tapped into my phone for your gastronimic delight.

1 1/2 cup

1 T butter
Add and beat well:
3 egg yolks
1 t cornstarch
1.5 t lemon juice
Just before serving, add slowly:
1 c boiling water
Hold pan over boiling water or high over a low flame and stir until thick. Add:
. 5 t salt
1/8 t paprika
This sauce may be placed over (not in) hot water until ready for use. It may be reheated over very slow heat. Stir it constantly.


I used a double boiler. I stirred but it never got thick.

The website and the "never fail" recipes call for 1/2 c of butter and 1 T of cream.  I love butter, but I love the light texture of the Easy version better. I would not have assumed that the '46 version would have been the lighter recipe.

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