Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am watching LuLu right now.  She just set down my dad's cell phone next to the kitchen garbage and is completely enthralled by some lint.  I can't see her now, but I hear her whimpering and some loud crashes.  The whimpering has stopped.  I wonder where she is?  Dutch is feeling under the weather today, so we skipped church and have been taking turns watching LuLu.  There is more than enough LuLu to wear us both out, well or not.  I am starting to wonder why we thought two would be a good idea.  Maybe I can blame the hormones.  But I know, with all this baby anxiety, it will all pass soon enough and we'll be wondering where these two drooling teens came from and how we are going to pay for college.  The teeth I wrote about in the last entry are still large, swollen lumps in her gums.  I had no idea she could work on teeth for such a long time.  Fortunately, she has been sleeping through the night, much to everyone's joy.

She has come back to the cell phone, and now she is leaving it.  I have been wondering if there is a pattern to her wanderings.  It seems sometimes that she is doing rounds.  Visiting grandma, then coming over to give my knees a hug, and then back to grandma, and to me, again and again.  Right now she is dividing her time between the KB's room, the KB (who is writing her American Girls blog-- kids these days) and her toys in the living room.  I am glad she is not emulating me, since every day I get bigger, the less I want to stand up.  It seems like I am turning into my grandma.  I tried to do my pregnant pilates DVD earlier and I couldn't even muster the energy for half of it.  I was hoping it would get my energy going but afterwards all I wanted to do was cry. 

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kitt_te said...

Leave the logic to grown-ups...this is why she is so fun and makes you laugh!!

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