Saturday, December 24, 2011


I dreamed I was at an artist's house, hanging out with Gracie Lu and his six kids. He was selling some etchings for $6.75 so I sstarted to go through the pile. They were magical. At first they were simple, semi-abstract designs, but as I got deeper they got more and more elaborate. Intricate architectural scenes with insane levels of detail, all in soft corals and teals. The last one was amazing, a group of women in huge colorful dresses dove into a perfect blue pool and bobbed like sea anemones into the depths and doors opened up in the bottom and they all disappeared inside. When I decided I was going to buy a bunch, I started looking in the piles for the magical ones, and I couldn't find them. I pulled everything off the table and sorted them and I still couldn't find them.

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