Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sparkle Sparkle Spark Spark

I just wanted to let my loyal readers know that I have been blogletting (not seriously blogging, just semi-blogletting) at my Sparkleblog.  It is finally happening, after nearly two decades of avoiding counting calories and cutting fat (I was one of those neurotic teen-dieters), I am facing real (or imaginary) deprivation (of foods that really aren't my friends anyway) head on.  Mostly I am whining about how I have cut an average of 500-1000 calories from my daily food trough and how I have hardly lost any weight.  (Health watchers, don't worry-- I am still eating plenty of nutrient-rich food for Spike and I).  Also, I write about how I take really boring and tasteless Sparklemenus and double the flavor and the caloric content (yee haw!).  So if you want to see what I am eating and cooking, head on over there.  If you want to comment on that blog, go ahead and make a free Sparkle account.  Or you can come back here and comment away.

On a more serious note-- these changes have actually been a very good thing.  The SparkleApp reminds me to do my exercise and take my calcium.  Additionally, my previously elevated blood pressure has been in the boring normal range for so long, I no longer think that a normal reading is a strange fluke.

So, to keep this as positive as possible-- here is a list of Sparkfoods that are my new friends-- foods that leave me filling full and happy.

Cashew butter (only a little at a time, but it sure tastes good!)
Non fat milk (I couldn't keep the ABC thing going very long)
Melon (Crenshaw, cantaloupe, honey dew and their ilk)
Sweet Potatoes
Pork Ten Der Loin (sing along with me!)
Chix Breasts
Empress Rice (replaces the not-very-exciting Brown Rice)
Couscous (1 oz, dry)
Greek Yogurt (purchase at Costco, and it won't break your bank)
Salmon (I love you, I love you, I love to eat you!)
Sour Pickles
Low fat cream cheese
Cottage Cheese For Dessert!
Lentils, the King of Beans!

Things that add righteous flavor
Chilpotle peppers
Patak's Simmer Sauces Used in Moderation.
Garlic and Onions

I am not even going to mention some of the frenemy foods that just don't come up on my meal plans these days.  I do miss them, but when I eat what the Sparkle tells me, I don't crave them at all and it helps not to even have them in the house (I am looking at you, chocolate!). 

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