Friday, November 16, 2012


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I think LuLu is down.  This is a big deal.  Putting the toddler down to bed can be tricky.  LuLu is starting to figure out how to stall.  She wants to go to the bathroom, suddenly she is thirsty.  My favorite is "we forgot to talk to Jesus".  My mini-spiritual adviser. 

I just got back from Costco.  My tires were bald, and I had been putting off the inevitable and then suddenly the Rains came and I realized driving was now a hazard.  I missed putting the kids down.  I couldn't resist when I walked in the door and I saw LuLu's legs sticking out from behind the wall on the landing.  I also couldn't resist when she told me she wanted milk.  Talking is so new to her and I that I completely melt when she asks for things by name now.   She has been a bit slower to talk than her age peers, but it makes what she does say all the more precious.

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