Tuesday, November 5, 2013



I dreamed I was late for work, in La Honda, and my only vehicle was a broken down VW Scirocco (sp?) And as I stumbled through the trees there was a huge school clock hovering over my head mocking me with my lateness.

This morning

I was so excited because I was going to take Joe to my special place in Grammie's house ~ the secret room in the attic (this is a reoccuring dream). When we got there, there was a new gate, but the lock was open and we pushed through. It had been remodelled as an Asian mall with throngs of people, a theater and a fresh prep restaurant where you could order pufferfish sashimi. I was so disappointed.

Second dream

I was wandering through a sculpture gallery (another reoccuring dream) and I ran into Paul Simon and we started chatting and he asked me if any of the art was mine. I admitted that I hadn't done any art in 6 years since I had kids. I asked him to dance and he said yes, and we twirled and spun through the gallery. The floors had been newly waxed and it smelled lemony and woody and I led.

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