Monday, April 26, 2004

The marathon day is finally over. Returned the camping equipment at 10:00 in San Jose, at 10:15 I zoomed to MV to teach... arrived at at the school at 10:30, wheeled my cart into D09 at 10:35 and began my 4 straight hours of teaching, then I met Una at Amarin Thai at 4 PM (they didn't serve dinner that early) so we ate at pasta? right next door. Then we wandered about Castro Street (was surprised to find a book published by Ignatius displayed prominently in the East West book store (way more east than west... little mini zen gardens and fat buddhas every where... yeah the Pope would totally approve)). Then Una had to run to teach some more and I spent the remaining hour at Dana St coffee roasting co, where I admired the delinquents and enjoyed the bean roasting spectacle. At 6:55 I leaped into my car (after wandering for a while in the wrong parking lot) and zoomed to the Campus and arrived just in time to start drawing the beautiful model (I added lots of mountain peaks in all of the backgrounds). And if I ever find a reliable way of posting the stuff, I will. At 10:20 I revved up the car again and headed home. My drive never seemed so long. I arrived here at 11:00

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