Monday, April 26, 2004

Mike sent this e-mail to me recently. We had been discussing the idea of doing some collaborative work. I found it very inspiring and encouraging. For the record, I am about to send him my sketchbook (unless I decide it needs more color... it is currently lacking in that department)

Mike wrote:
I adore your passions for art and literature, but above all else your ability
improvisational figurative works. I humbly suggest that you start with a small
sketchbook. I have a feeling that our first collaboration together will be more

experimental. We really have no idea what will be happening, and that is pure
Take the book along with you in your travels, and when there's a moment in time
needs to be captured, a feeling that needs to be expressed, then add something
to each
page. Leave a space in each page for me. this space could be a bubble, an
the span of a bridge, the underside of a mans torso, a brisk walk along
beach walks, or the sky behind some main focus of color.

do bring color, anything you fancy, into the page. Collage, pen and ink, color
torn pages from found books on the street. Perhaps those torn pages could tell
move the story progressively. You could also add snippets of color from cheesy

cool. and maybe I should do the same. That way, we have two going at the same
Imagine the possibilities. yes. creation good.


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