Saturday, May 8, 2004

Gnash Gnash, Wail Wail.

I was journaling this morning in my physical journal and I definitely have a case of the mean reds.

is it because its a beautiful day in SC and I have to spend it at a conference at SJSU?
is it because I have to put a smile on my bitter spinster's face for my friends' wedding shower this afternoon?
is it because someone idiotically overplanned her weekend but neglected to figure out what to do with her summer?
is it because I am getting to old for this juvenile lifestyle? Do I need to settle down?
is this funk symptomatic of a needed life-change or is it hormonal (and can therefore be ignored?)

I can't let this be so negative...
I am glad my car is running
I am glad that I have employment for this month
I am glad I have a place to live and a cool town
I am thankful for my family (they won't let me be destitute)
I am thankful for the providence of God

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